The Harz- Mountains- an impressive landscape


The reuniting of the Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt in Germany’s low mountain range. 

Harsh rocks, valleys with clear streams, thick forests and romantic cities like Wernigerode or Goslar, dams, ponds and lakes, old castles or different sports like biking, golfing, hiking and wintersport…

…all these things can be found in the Harz-Mountains.

Forests, bogs, water streams- enjoy the unique landscape in one of the biggest Nationalparks in Germany.


 While standing at the top of the “Brocken”, the highest mountain of North Germany, you cannot just see the well-structured valleys and the beautiful, unique landscape, you can even feel these uniqueness. We take you to the top of the mountain with the train “Pferdekremsel” or the famous “Harzer Schmahlspurbahn”. The whole area around the Brocken is part of the Nationalpark. 

A place where fairytales have been created.  Believe us. The Harz-Mountains are full of stories, legends, tours and fairytales. They have been told from generation to generation and they arise from religion, literature, art and music. 

Further suggestions:


  • Caves and historical tours
  • legends and fairytales
  • water streams
  • exploring of the nature and the native animals of the Harz-Mountains
  • (Bäderlandschaft)
  • history of the mining 
  • museums
  • theater and art
  • hiking
  • tracks with the hors carriage 
  • tracks on historical trains
  • planes, helicopters, hot-air-balloons 
  • climbing and canoeing
  • churches
  • mountains



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